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  • Walkies in the local dog park - without conflict.

    8 September at 18:33 from atlas

    Walk in the local dog park could be welcome break from your dog's regular routine.  Or it could be a disaster waiting to ...

  • Moving house with your dog without stress.

    8 September at 18:12 from atlas

    Have you ever heard from a friend that until they moved house their dog was perfect and didn't have any phobias? ...

  • Dogs need jobs.

    6 September at 18:57 from atlas

    From the beginning of creation, dogs were made to have jobs.  Ninety five percent of dogs all around the world were originally work ...

  • Domestic violence attention turns to pets, the voiceless victims.

    28 August at 20:45 from atlas

    They are the voiceless victims that can sometimes be forgotten in the dialogue about domestic violence, but new attention is being ...

  • Amber & Lewis

    21 August at 13:14 from atlas

    Some Bronte beach locals are hoping these little dogs are going to do well in the local elections. 

  • Happy dogs everytime with Rod and Kate.

    20 August at 20:49 from atlas

    I was lucky enough to join in on a dog walk recently and to have seen how Rod treats animals. Any dog that is taken care of by Rod and ...

  • My dog Will sit but she's not a really well behaved dog?

    19 August at 17:55 from atlas

    By Cesar Millan ...

  • How do stray dogs know they are up for adoption?

    8 August at 16:39 from atlas

    This little dog is longing to meet a new family to take him in.  ...

  • The amazing dogs competing at the World Dog Surfing Championships

    8 August at 16:34 from atlas

    Have you tried surfing and you've failed at surfing? ...

  • What? Can sniffer detect weeds?

    16 June at 20:30 from atlas

    Dogs have long been used to scent and retrieve prey for hunters but in more recent times people are harnessing this amazing capability ...


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