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  • The Dogs Eaten My Dinner!!

    14 February at 21:45 from atlas

    After enjoying a delicious family dinner, you take your plate to the sink. You turn back to grab the dish of leftovers — and your dog ...

  • How to ease dog separation anxiety.

    14 February at 20:45 from atlas

    Dogs are very social animals, and they would like nothing more than to be by your side 24/7. But dog food doesn't buy itself, and that ...

  • Ooch Scottish Terriers!

    30 January at 21:34 from atlas

    May Gibbs loved her Scottish Terriers and when we visited her home Nutcote in Neutral Bay Sydney, there were about twenty  of them ...

  • If dogs could talk they'd tell us some home truths.

    11 January at 19:25 from atlas

    Pet owners undoubtedly want to do the best for their animal companions, but there is still widespread misapprehension of what their pets ...

  • Etiquette for Dog Parks .

    10 January at 19:29 from atlas

    My children reckon I love my dogs more than I love them. This is not true. Generally. Though it just might be on days when Number Two ...

  • Dogs At Work!

    6 January at 11:56 from atlas

    Two English springer spaniels are coming to the rescue of baby turtles by outfoxing their predators at Queensland's most significant ...

  • Rod is a fantastic dog walker.

    4 January at 23:01 from atlas

    Rod has a genuine passion for animals, is always reliable and has built an excellent relationship with our dog Nala. I would highly ...

  • Puppy Biting Prevention with Bite Inhibition.

    12 December at 19:25 from atlas

    One of the most popular ways of training a puppy not to bite is through "bite inhibition" - a practice in which you teach your dog to ...

  • CONFIRMED: People Have MORE Empathy For Dogs Than Other Humans.

    6 December at 21:04 from atlas

    A little worrying? ...

  • Vets Warn Dog Owners Against Giving Their Pets Bone Treats

    6 December at 20:43 from atlas

    Risk of serious injury or death.  30/11/2017 ...


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