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  • Honey.

    13 July at 21:28 from atlas

    Being sweet.  We love walking this little girl.

  • Barking dogs are affecting woman's health but says laws not enough to silence them.

    13 July at 21:15 from atlas

    One Adelaide local council has been known in a recent case to advise people that action could only be taken within the extent of its ...

  • Apartment living with a dog?

    25 April at 17:27 from atlas

    Dogs that live an urban lifestyle in city flats with single people and no other pets around are nearly twice as likely to develop ...

  • This is Jim.

    29 March at 18:52 from atlas

    He doesn't like to go in the bath.  His look says it all. 

  • Rod is amazing!

    29 March at 18:36 from atlas

    After just one 1 hour walk our dog Molly is calmer and happier.  We recommend Rod and Kate's dog walks to all our our dog loving ...

  • Do this if you are seriously attacked by a dog

    21 March at 20:56 from atlas

    "The most important thing you must do in a dog attack is follow three steps," he said. ...

  • No idea what to do if I was threatened or attacked by a dog?

    21 March at 20:24 from atlas

    If you are threatened or attacked by a dog, you should move to a safe location, turn your back to the dog, don't run  and contact ...

  • Animals must be controlled both in public places and on private property.

    18 March at 19:14 from atlas

    IF you are the owner of a dog or other companion animal, NSW law imposes strict responsibilities on you to control them, both on your ...

  • Koala paddles like a dog across creek.

    14 March at 21:13 from atlas

    A video showing a koala doggy paddle across Kangaroo Island's Harriet River is thrilling thousands of social media users across ...

  • Has Berlusconi gone to the dogs?

    3 March at 15:21 from atlas

    Ex-Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is backing a new pro-animal rights movement in his latest political comeback - and it's not ...


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