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  • Dogs doing the rounds at the Children's Hospital.

    18 November at 15:51 from atlas

    Little 3 year old Ava took an immediate liking to Jeff the AFP sniffer dog who came to visit her at Canberra Hospital this ...

  • You dog deserves to be Rewarded!

    17 November at 16:22 from atlas

    When your goes on a Dog Walk with Rod and Kate he or she will have as much fun as they can have on four legs!  ...

  • Springers to the rescue.

    17 November at 16:10 from atlas

    Two English springer spaniels are coming to the rescue of baby turtles by outfoxing their predators at Queensland's most significant ...

  • Enjoy the trip!

    14 November at 21:36 from atlas

    If you decide to go travelling with your pet, check what your pet insurance covers in relation to insurable events that happen away ...

  • Bagel chilling out in a hole.

    9 November at 19:27 from atlas

    We make sure that any holes accidentally dug by our dogs are filled in again before we leave the park.

  • Wouldn't dream of parting with Rod.

    28 October at 21:09 from atlas

    Hugo the Dog loves Rod. And so do we. Two years ago when I met Rod I had just moved to a little city house and my son moved to his own ...

  • Just a few weeks into training and the CIA sacked her? Why?

    20 October at 18:10 from atlas

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A puppy lost its love for sniffing out bombs and the CIA lost a recruit. ...

  • Why does my dog stink so much?

    13 October at 16:57 from atlas

    I hear this question frequently and sometimes it's me who notices the odour myself when the dog and owner are enclosed in my exam ...

  • Nail trimming in dogs, can be easy to do yourself.

    3 October at 20:09 from atlas

    Tools You'll Need to Trim Your Dog's Nails ...

  • Walkies in the local dog park - without conflict.

    8 September at 18:33 from atlas

    Walk in the local dog park could be welcome break from your dog's regular routine.  Or it could be a disaster waiting to ...


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