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  • No jumping on people please.

    15 November at 17:29 from atlas

    They're excited, they're happy to see new people and they've got a huge vertical leap. Dogs are made to jump, and when they ...

  • Reading with Dogs helps children.

    24 October at 18:40 from atlas

    Story Dogs reading program brings out the best in children struggling with literacy ...

  • Lucy Lu comparing hair styles.

    21 August at 17:09 from atlas


  • Toby the two-nosed dog is saved from being put down.

    1 August at 19:38 from atlas

    The new owner of a dog with two noses says the Australian Shepherd is the "the sweetest dog on Earth" after saving him from being put ...

  • Dog fighting is illegal. Thank goodness.

    1 August at 19:31 from atlas

    In the last few days, a man has been killed in Cumbria UK and 11 children have been attacked in Cumbria in Northumberland. ...

  • 12 Dangerous or just silly things we do with our dogs.

    29 July at 16:12 from atlas

    Number 12  Selecting the wrong type of collar for our Dog.  Either Too loose or too tight on her throat. ...

  • Zoey.

    13 July at 21:28 from atlas

    Being sweet.  We love walking this little girl.

  • Barking dogs are affecting woman's health but says laws not enough to silence them.

    13 July at 21:15 from atlas

    One Adelaide local council has been known in a recent case to advise people that action could only be taken within the extent of its ...

  • Apartment living with a dog?

    25 April at 17:27 from atlas

    Dogs that live an urban lifestyle in city flats with single people and no other pets around are nearly twice as likely to develop ...

  • This is Jim.

    29 March at 18:52 from atlas

    He doesn't like to go in the bath.  His look says it all. 


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