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  • Canine comfort dogs.

    13 February at 16:31 from atlas

    According to the Sydney morning Herald today one in five of the nations 4.6 million pet dogs were acquired during the current pandemic. ...

  • It's no crime to love your pet too much.

    5 February at 13:42 from atlas

    With this unprecedented pandemic we all deserve something to look forward to and enjoy.    If you think you need help or a new ...

  • Reliable Rod dog walking.

    2 June at 20:06 from atlas

    Sender Name: Tracey ...

  • Save your dog from another lonely day.

    1 May at 15:29 from atlas

    Thousands of dogs found new homes during the Covid crisis. But are they ready for us to go back to work without being lonely? ...

  • Talking to your pet is good.

    14 December at 15:25 from atlas

    An upside of these strange pandemic times is that housebound humans are not only talking more to pets but including them in jokes, ...

  • Happy dogs playing.

    29 November at 14:19 from atlas

    With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions dogs are now allowed out into the park to socialise much more regularly. 

  • Really smart and cute Checkers

    31 August at 16:45 from atlas

    Just love this boarder colley rounding up our beautiful dogs.  

  • Just want to say thanks for the terrific service Rod.

    12 January at 18:06 from atlas

    You have been my dogs' favourite for 4 years.  They and I really depend on you. ...

  • How Patsy the Wonder Dog saved her flock of sheep as bushfires raged

    12 January at 17:54 from atlas

    Talk about Man's Best Friend - this gusty pooch calmly rounded up her flock and got them to safety as bushfires moved in. ...

  • Fireworks can give your dog a scare.

    6 December at 17:07 from atlas

    With the festive season upon us, fireworks may be on the cards. Check out VetMeds 'top tips' to help your pet get through what can be an ...


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