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  • 12 Dangerous or just silly things we do with our dogs.

    29 July at 16:12 from atlas

    Number 12  Selecting the wrong type of collar for our Dog.  Either Too loose or too tight on her throat.

    11  Leaving your dog unattended in your hot car for more then ten minutes can be fatal.

    10  Neglecting to brush our dog's teeth.

    9   Leaving small objects around or some of the food dogs are alergic to within their reach.

    8   Thoughtlessly feeding your dog scraps from your table when you are eating could make them beg for food ever time you sit at the table.

    7   Bringing your little puppy to the dog park before she is vaccinated. Letting big dogs jump on her will make her scared of other dogs.

    6  Don't shout or use physical punishment on your dog, it makes them scared of you.  Much better to take her to dog training and you both will get on much better and with positive reinforcement she will become well trained.

    5  Remember to take your dog for two walks a day for exercise and mental stimulation.   If you don't have time, book some walks with a dog walker.

    4  Your dog must be secured when travelling in the car or she may cause an accident Or get hurt if you have one.

    3  Book your dog in to your vet for regular Worming, Tick and Flea treatment.

    2  Avoid allowing your dog to run around with a sick as vets are regularly having to operate on removing sticks from dogs neck and throat.  Use a solid ball to throw instead.

    1  Do your research online before selecting the best breed of dog to adopt.  Make sure to be aware of any breed specific health issues.   This could save you a huge amount of expense on vet fees later.

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