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  • 7 Reasons It's Actually Better to Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed.

    18 November at 15:43 from atlas

    It May Help Calm You Down

    It's known that dogs can help fight anxiety and depression—just look at service dogs and pet therapy. Allowing a dog in your bed is a soothing presence that can help you de-stress after a hectic day.

    It Might Also Make You Feel Safe

    There's a reason people have been sleeping around dogs since ancient times. Your little shih tzu may not be much of a guard dog, but just the physical presence of a dog around may help you feel more secure.

    It Could Help You Sleep Better

    Some people swear that the rhythmic breathing, heartbeat and soothing presence of a dog is the best sleep aid around.

    It Will Strengthen Your Bond with Your Pet

    Sleeping in your bed is comforting for Fido, too, who loves nothing more than simply being around you. Every minute you spend together—even if you're asleep—makes your pup more loyal and obedient.

    Not to Mention It's Cozy

    Sleeping with your living, breathing furry friend is pretty much like napping by a radiator. And—let's be honest—a dog is essentially a stuffed animal for grown-ups.

    It Keeps the Kids Out of the Bed

    "Sorry, guys, no room for you in here  with a big dog in the way."

    And It Makes for Adorable Instagrams.  

    Just kidding…

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