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  • Animals must be controlled both in public places and on private property.

    18 March at 19:14 from atlas

    IF you are the owner of a dog or other companion animal, NSW law imposes strict responsibilities on you to control them, both on your private property and in public places.

    The legal liability for any injury caused by a dog can ultimately be held against the animal's owner.

    The repercussions can be even worse if your dog is a dangerous breed, or it's a type of animal that is known to require higher levels of attention.

    If your dog injures someone as a result of not being appropriately restrained, whether in a public place or even in your home, the victim may be entitled to legal recourse against you, either under legislation or in some cases common law rules of negligence.

    There are a range of situations where you may be legally liable for your dog's actions.

    These include if it escapes from your property, causing injury to a pedestrian or damage to his or her property.

    Pet owners should be aware of the legal obligations and responsibilities. 

    An owner can also be found to be negligent where a dog escapes, runs onto a road and causes a car crash.

    Even on your own property, and where the animal is not a dangerous or prohibited breed, you may be held liable for injuries sustained if your dog attacks a guest without provocation.

    For the owners of dogs or other companion animals, there are a number of obligations and responsibilities for which to be aware.

    As a general rule, all dogs are required to wear a collar that has a name tag attached to it carrying the owner's details.

    Dogs should wear a collar showing the owner's details. 

    Owners must also ensure that dogs are securely contained on their property.

    Whether you are the legal owner or not, you still have legal obligations in relation to the control of animals with you in public places, or on your private property.

    Penalties can be enforced against the owner of any type of dog that is not safely kept.

    Copy provided by Turner Freeman Lawyers.   Turnerfreemannsw


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