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    14 September at 20:26 from atlas

    Next time Rover comes on a car trip, think before you allow him to stick his head out the window or climb on your lap.

    Effective from July 2009 NSW Drivers caught with unrestrained dogs risk fines of more than $400, with 170 people charged over the offence since the pet-related road rule was introduced in NSW in July 2009.

    The legislation, which stipulates that motorists must not drive a vehicle with an animal on their lap or preventing them from having proper control of the car, carries a penalty of three demerit points and $338, rising to $422 in a school zone.

    A NSW Police spokeswoman said of the 170 offenders, four had been caught in school zones.

    If an animal is injured as a result of being unrestrained, owners also face up to six months' jail and fines of up to $5500 under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. The RSPCA managing inspector, Matthew French, said that even the Australian tradition of conveying dogs untethered on the back of utes could land drivers with on-the-spot fines of $500 under the Act.

    From Sydney Morning Herald July 2009  


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