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  • Dental Care for Your Dog.

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    Dogs require regular dental care. If they are left to their own devices, their teeth will collect excessive tartar and plaque. This can cause mouth infections, gum disease, and potentially damage their organs. There are various procedures you can adopt for a preventative care routine. Your pet will have a healthy, long life, and be happily barking with pearly white teeth.

    Notice the Symptoms of Mouth Issues

    When your dogs have mouth issues, they may yelp while they're eating as their teeth are sensitive to chewing. One or more may also become wobbly or fall out. Canines may also excrete excessive saliva as their gums can be swollen. Bad breath is a sure sign of a poor digestive system, causing tooth decay.

    Brush the Teeth

    You must only ever use dog toothpaste; the animal can become dangerously ill from human toothpaste. Gently open the mouth and brush at the sides in a front to backwards motion. Then brush the top row using downward strokes. Brush the bottom row with upward strokes. This will prevent gum bleeding or soreness.

    Get the Vet to Brush the Teeth

    Vets can brush your pet's teeth annually with either an anesthetic or non-anesthetic dental cleaning. Fido will require a blood test before the anesthetic cleaning to ensure he or she is healthy enough to be put under. Pets with the non-anesthetic cleaning don't require a blood test. Your vet will also check the mouth and gums for any signs of infection.

    Check Teeth Regularly

    You should check once a month. Gently prize the mouth open and check to ensure the gums are a pinkish red and smooth. This is the sign of a healthy mouth. Then check there's no bacteria build up or lumps in the gums. The tartar will build up over the years and form a slight yellow or brown stain by the gums, but this is normal.

    Don't Let Disease Build Up

    If you do not take care of your pet, the plaque will build up and this causes tartar. The tartar then grows bacteria and eats at the gums and teeth. Tooth loss or oral pain can then be the result. The bacteria will also enter the body and cause issues with the heart and kidneys. At this point, the teeth will fall out, there will be in chronic pain, and your best friend will be suffering.

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