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  • Distractions are good with dogs.

    21 March at 18:04 from atlas

    A number of Sydney dog trainers have been doing research on dogs and how to control and interact with our K9s using distractions.

    Research has proven that dog behavior is very much like young children around five years old.

    How do you get a five -year-old child to do what You want, when you want it and not what they want? 

    Offer them something that they are interested in doing, like going to the park or going for a run.

    Dogs behave in much the same way.

    As you may already know, dogs are easily distracted so distract your dog to do what you want.

    For example:  When my dog becomes distracted, I give her a short leash to walk and make her stay on my left side. I keep saying "heel" and eventually she is able to have a little more leash back. When she gets distracted again, I slightly jerk the leash and say "heel" and take up the slack in the leash. She now walks with me and sometimes doesn't even need the leash! Make sure your dog knows that you are the boss now, and it will make it easier later on when your puppy grows and is much stronger.

    This method is much more effective at about 90% of the time, because shouting never seems to work.

    Shouting tells the dog that you are angry and upset and they tend to avoid you rather than listen to what you're saying. 

    Written by Rod and Kate Dog Walking - March 2017


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