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  • Do dogs love being sociable?

    9 April at 21:52 from atlas

    Dog socialization is really important for the owner, the canine itself and the people and dogs around it. Being a social creature, your canine will enjoy spending time with other dogs or other people who will let the canine feel that he is special.

    Teaching a canine how to react to new dogs around it can train it to be less aggressive. It is for the benefit of the canine to be well trained so that he or she behaves well amongst both other dog owners and their dogs.

    Here are some dog socialization tips that you, the owner must do in order for your canine to be good around other animals as well as human beings which will stop Dog Aggression.

    1. Every morning or late in the afternoon you must walk your canine around your neighborhood, at the park, at the beach or places where there will be many people and animals around.

    2. Train him to be calm and not aggressive when friends or acquaintances visit.

    3. Reward your canine with some food for good behavior and ignore him when he is misbehaving.

    4. When you are outside walking or running with your canine you must show him that you are the one in command. It is equally important that the canine knows that it will always follow your command at all times.

    5. Teach your canine how to react with other animals that are considered to be strangers

    Training your canine with good dog socialization entails lots of patience and hard work.

    Good dog socialization will certainly mean less dog aggression, and less problems on the part of the owner as well as the canine itself. Once a canine is trained properly, the training will remain with it for the rest of its life.

    A dog that has excellent dog socialization will really enjoy playing with other dogs, even strangers. And the canine likewise will enjoy being around people he doesn't know. The canine will like to play and being around people it has not met before.

    There is a saying that your canine is your best friend and this is true especially when you take your dog walking. Thus bringing your canine at the park, at the market or anywhere else is certainly a great way of training your canine socially.

    Be a good friend to your dog as well as other animals at your home!

    Article Source:   by Janet Woodrow


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