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  • Do this if you are seriously attacked by a dog

    21 March at 20:56 from atlas

    "The most important thing you must do in a dog attack is follow three steps," he said.

    "Do not panic. Do not scream, shout or be aggressive to the dog.

    Finally protect your vital parts (your face, groin and chest).

    "You can do this by folding up your body or placing obstacles between yourself and the dog, whether that's a chair or a barbecue or whatever.

    "This is important because when a dog attacks, the prey drive of the animal is increased when you try to get away.

    "That's all very easy to say, but when you have a bull mastiff going for your throat, it is very easy to panic."

    Mr Austin added that these guidelines could also hard be difficult to communicate to a child - which leads him to another crucial piece of advice.

    "If you do have a dog at home, you should always assume the worst and never leave it alone with your child," he said.

    Article written Steve Austin for news . com March 2018.


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