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    14 November at 21:36 from atlas

    If you decide to go travelling with your pet, check what your pet insurance covers in relation to insurable events that happen away from home. With pet insurance being so cheap these days, it's a worthwhile investment - especially in view of the rising cost of veterinary care.

    There are several Aussie companies that pet owners might find useful for moving their pets from place to place.Petcabs offers a pet transport service which has been operating since the 1980s.

    Dogmovers based in South East Queensland, also specialises in pet transport for short and long distances and serves NSW, Victoria and Queensland. 

    Petraveller can manage every aspect of your pet's journey, before, during and after a flight to ensure your pet gets where it needs to go safely and in comfort.

    Rod and Kate's pet care is always available to provide pet taxi transport for you pet from your Sydney home to the Air Cargo office at Macot, so give us a call well in advance to arrange what you need.

    Key takeaways

    · When you go on holiday and have to leave your pet at home, using a house-sitter can work out a lot cheaper than paying kennel or cattery fees.

    · Rules about travelling on public transport with your pet vary depending on where you live, so check with local authorities about what's allowed.

    · Pets in cars need to be properly restrained. Plan your pet-accompanied road trips carefully so your pet is safe and comfortable.

    · Pet-friendly accommodation is becoming more common in Australia, but you still need to book well ahead of time for popular locations and busy times of the year.

    · Australian airlines require accompanied pets to be transported in the cargo area. Every airline has very specific policies in regard to pet transport, so check their individual websites when planning your flight.

    · Think carefully about taking your pet with you on international flights - Australian quarantine regulations are strict and the whole process can be expensive.


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