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  • How Patsy the Wonder Dog saved her flock of sheep as bushfires raged

    12 January at 17:54 from atlas

    Talk about Man's Best Friend - this gusty pooch calmly rounded up her flock and got them to safety as bushfires moved in.

    When the fire closed in on Corryong the tiny Victoria town, in the early hours of New Year's Eve, Patsy sprang into action to herd her 900 sheep into a safe paddock away from the fire front. 

    "I'd have been stuffed without Patsy," owner Stephen Hill told SBS News."She's earned front-seat privileges for the rest of her life."

    Despite the heat and terrifying conditions, Mr Hill said Patsy kept her cool and kept an eye on her charges, even as smoke blanketed the property. While the property lost several sheds, only a handful of sheep were killed during the firestorm.

    Story is courtesy of SBS News 9 January 2020.


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