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  • How to prevent your dog escaping.

    12 September at 21:03 from atlas

    Does your dog bolt as soon as you open the front door or side gate?

    Maybe you have recently moved into a new home.

    1. Make it smell like home by placing lots of the dog's old toys around.

    2. Lead your dog around to sniff the new environment.

    3. With the dog on a lead, take it on a walk to have a good sniff of the immediate area.

    4. If your dog was used to having a large space to run around, it may feel restricted in a new smaller space and try to escape.

    You need to take time to train your dog to change habits and become used to a smaller area to roam around and not break out.

    This can be difficult to achieve so you may consider engaging a dog trainer to help you and your dog.

    5. Just like humans dogs sometimes feel lonely and bored. You need to provide daily walks and something to chew on to occupy your dog.

    6. To prevent having an escaped dog check and repair your perimeter fences. Block off areas where your dog can make an escape by digging it's way out.

    7. Big fireworks noises and loud thunder can also cause a dog to become terrified and bolt, so bring the dog inside and try to keep it calm.


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