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  • It's Tick Season again.

    5 December at 16:37 from atlas

    During tick season, it is important to regularly check over our dogs and cats thoroughly. Ticks love to seek out areas that are dark and damp, so neck folds, ears, armpits, and inguinal regions are often implicated. The majority of ticks will be from the armpits forward, but it is imperative to always search over the entire body. 

    Signs to look out for in our pets may include:

    • Hind limb incoordination or weakness
    • Difficulty breathing or increased breathing effort
    • Change or loss of voice
    • Gagging, grunting or coughing
    • Inappetence (reduced or no appetite) or difficulty eating/swallowing
    • Vomiting or regurgitation
    • Dilated pupils


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