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  • Know your rights in pet-friendly apartments.

    19 May at 18:07 from atlas

    Finding a place in East Sydney that is pet friendly can still be a major battle, despite Australia having one of the world's highest rates of pet ownership.

    While pet ownership can present some challenges such as the odd noise complaint over barking, most people find these issues are usually easily resolved.

    There are rules about walking the dog on a lead and ensuring they don't roam the building on their own.

    According to the Australian Veterinary Association, about 5.7 million households out of the 9.2 million Australian households have a pet.  So that's about 62 percent have a pet.  Many of these people live in a home unit or town house.

    Lord Mayor Clover Moore said "the upcoming Strata Paws Workshop would help the army of apartment dwellers understand their rights and responsibilities."

    "The number of apartment dwellers in the Inner City is set to increase to more than 80% by 2030."  Councilor Moore said.

    The Tuesday May 23rd workshop is Free and will be held on level three at 307 Pitt Street Sydney starting at 6pm and finishes at 8pm.  Joanne Righetti and Social Works Director Robin Miles will present the workshop.

    Booking ahead is recommended at 

    From article in the Wentworth Courier 17 May 2017 written by Kate Bastians.


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