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  • Moving house with your dog without stress.

    8 September at 18:12 from atlas

    Have you ever heard from a friend that until they moved house their dog was perfect and didn't have any phobias?

    "Now he's showing this or that unwanted behaviour."

    What your friend doesn't realise is that they have probably contributed to that new behaviour.  Dogs are not like a piece of furniture that can be picked up and moved to a new location.  That is why when they arrive at a new house they have never seen before your beautiful dog can start to act strange.

    Here are a few tips to use so that those symptoms are completely avoided.

    1.  When they get to your new house, don't just let her out and wander around the new house and expect them to adjust immediately.  They are already traumatised picking up on your emotions associated with something traumatic. 

    2.  If you live near the new neighbourhood, I suggest you take your dog to the new area for a few dog walks around there before you move in.  So she can become used to the new smells in the area.

    3.   When you arrive in the area, make sure you take your dog for a long walk there for a couple of hours to settle in.  This will help your dog know that she has migrated to a new area. 

    4.  If you have walked your dog for more than an hour she should have become relaxed and ready for you to bring her to the new house.

    5.  Now feed her, and bring her into the new house one room at a time.  Don't let her just wander around the house unsupervised.  Otherwise the dog will feel it is his or her house not yours. 

    6.  After you have introduced your dog to the first room and she is relaxed and calm. Now you can introduce her to the other rooms, one at a time.  The purpose of this is to ensure she realises it is your new house and you are still pack leader.  


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