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  • No idea what to do if I was threatened or attacked by a dog?

    21 March at 20:24 from atlas

    If you are threatened or attacked by a dog, you should move to a safe location, turn your back to the dog, don't run  and contact Council on 9391 7000 as soon as possible. If your pet is being attacked, remember not to put your hands near the faces of fighting animals as it is very likely that you will be bitten and injured, either by the other dog or by your own. Kicking or hitting the attacking dog will most likely make the situation worse as the dog will believe it needs to fight harder. The most important thing is to try and stay calm and separate the dogs without putting yourself or others in danger.

    What evidence does Council need?

    Council needs to have sufficient evidence to uphold any declaration it might make in court. This means that we need detailed information including the following:

    ·  Statement of facts - date, time, location, description of the attack and any injuries

    ·  Description of the offending dog - A description of the dog's appearance, colour, distinguishing marks and sex (if known).

    ·  Where the dog lives or came from

    ·  Name of the dog, if known

    ·  Name of the dog's owner, if known

    ·  Names and contact details of any witnesses

    ·  Photographic evidence of any injuries to any person or animal

    ·  A doctor's report detailing the injuries suffered by any person

    ·  A vet's report detailing the injuries suffered by any animal.

    Council's Companion Animal Officer will then investigate the complaint, taking statements and gathering any other evidence that is required to assess whether the dog is a 'dangerous dog', 'menacing dog' or simply a 'nuisance dog'.


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