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  • Not parking in there.

    23 May at 18:38 from atlas

    This Randwick resident has obviously had enough. 

    I know how they feel but some people think they've just gotta go to  pick up a quick cappuccino in a hurry so they double park where ever they want .  That's the selfish attitude of a lot of eastern suburbs drivers today.    Quite often they double park with the emergency lights flashing.    Blocking the traffic in the process!

    I don't think it's fair if I'm driving down the street and trying to get past this selfish person  who is potentially causing an accident.     But then maybe I'm being selfish expecting to drive around the Eastern Suburbs and not be hot and bothered by poor driving.   No finger out the window is necessary as it wouldn't achieve anything except make me look 👀 stupid.   


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