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  • Puppy Biting Prevention with Bite Inhibition.

    12 December at 19:25 from atlas

    One of the most popular ways of training a puppy not to bite is through "bite inhibition" - a practice in which you teach your dog to make the link between her teeth and your pain.

    All puppies bite.  It's how they explore the world and play and communicate.

    There are no puppy training techniques that will remove this natural biting instinct completely.  However even if there were, you probably wouldn't want to use them.

    But you do want to teach your puppy that biting skin is unacceptable.

    Training a Puppy not to Bite with the Yelp + Time-out Method

    Puppies learn bite inhibition naturally in the wild.

    In their early days, they playfully bite their brothers and sisters.  When the play becomes too intense, a bitten puppy will immediately yelp and remove herself from the playtime for a few minutes.

    This yelp followed by a brief time-out does 2 important things:

    1.  It teaches the biter that teeth hurt.  There's a limit to how hard you can chomp down on others.

    2.  It teachers the biter that when you hurt others, they ignore you and the playtime stops.

    Because puppies love love love to play and socialize, they don't want to be ignored.  They want to keep having fun.

    Equally important, they constantly seek the approval of their fellow pack members.

    When it comes to puppy training and biting, you can use this to your advantage.

    Every time your puppy dog bites you:

    1.  Let out a quick yelp to startle her ("Owww!!!")

    2.  Then withdraw from the playtime for a bit.  You can either turn your back or, even better, leave the room entirely.

    3.  After a minute or 2, return to the fun and games as if nothing happened.  In fact, you can even be overly excited to see your dog again and lavish her with affection.

    Simply repeat this process until your dog learns to associate:

    Teeth + + Less Playtime

    2 important things to keep in mind when training your puppy with the bite inhibition technique:

    1.  Right after the yelp, don't withdraw your hand too quickly.  You might scratch yourself.  But worse still, your puppy might think it is a game.  Simply take your hand away gently and put your dog on a brief timeout.

    2.  The yelp should accompany all bites.  But only use a time out for deliberate biting.  Don't punish your puppy for accidental nips and bites.

    From puppy don't bite.  December 2017


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