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    1 May at 15:29 from atlas

    Thousands of dogs found new homes during the Covid crisis. But are they ready for us to go back to work without being lonely?  Everything started so well for these new pet parents. The adorable Covid puppies arrived into their homes late last year when the reality of life in a pandemic set in. You should prepare your dog for you going back to work before you actually go back to work. 
    After people cottoned on to the idea of isolation puppies all the sudden there were no puppies available to be adopted. The pandemic caused an intense demand for puppies and all the sudden the price for a French bulldog had doubled to $9000. There weren't enough puppies to go around and people are desperate to find a new pet took on adult animals they simply didn't have the skills to manage.   People have adopted dogs with behavioural issues that they would normally have adopted under normal conditions out of desperation to get a puppy.  Now people are saying oh gosh I've got to go back to work and my dogs at home barking all day maybe he has separation anxiety and needs a walker during the day.  During the past six months the dog hasn't been left alone at home for more than two minutes no wonder it's barking it's been abandoned again.  Dog training isn't the only bonus business that has taken off during the pandemic, DogWalkers are also finding themselves booked out with the current demand. If this sounds like you you're most welcome to try one of your local Dog Walkers for a free trial to see if your dog likes the dog walks being offered.   Story by Andrea McCullagh from the Wentworth Courier April 28 2021. 


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