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  • The amazing dogs competing at the World Dog Surfing Championships

    8 August at 16:34 from atlas

    Have you tried surfing and you've failed at surfing?

    It looks so easy when you see actual surfers doing it but the moment you try to stand up you fall overboard.

    It's all about your centre of gravity; the lower you are, the more balance you can get.

    As proved by these excellent surfing dogs in this year's Surf Dog Competition at Linda Mar Beach California USA.

    'Humans aren't the only "surf dogs" - surfers' four-legged friends love water too, and many even like catching waves,' the event site says.

    'These amphibious canines are special creatures: Top surfers believe that dogs who learn to surf develop a unique attitude, knowing they have something that sets them apart from other dogs.'

    It's all in a good cause; the event is free but the dogs and their humans are encouraged to fundraise for local charities, with a percentage of the proceeds going to dog charities, surfing and environmental non-profit organisations.

    Obviously, there are awards for first, second and third place winners and surfing divisions of small, medium and large dogs, but other prizes are awarded for tandem dog surfing, ball fetching and doggie beach fashion.

    August 6, 2017 

    Article From Miranda Larbi for Metro Co UK.


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