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  • The secret to finding more time - and happiness.

    8 March at 20:35 from atlas

    1440 is the number of minutes we're given each day.

    Me, you, Beyonce  - we all get the same amount of time.

    You might spend it differently clearly Beyonce has a lot going on, but 1440 minutes is our daily allocation of the most precious resource of all, time.

    We can't add even one second to our 1440 minutes but choosing purchases that make the most of our time, rather than draining it, is a happier way of spending money in the long run. 

    Our lives are a frenetic mix of business, personal and family life and the juggling act it takes to keep all balls in the air leaves many of us repeating the same complaint "I'm  just so busy, I have no time."

    "How we spend our days is , of course, how we spend our lives."  - Annie Dillard. 

    Our lack or perceived lack of time to do the things we enjoy, reading, hanging out with friends for drinking cappuccinos - can lead us feeling stressed and anxious that we're missing out on life's happy moments. 

    If you can afford it, it's easier to hand over cash to others who will automate or outsource onerous tasks that you don't enjoy and to buy back the time otherwise spent on vacuuming cleaning the toilet or looping around and around grocery isles. 

    You are probably aware you can book a dog walker to take Fido out so as to gain some time for yourself in those spare hours at home.  You can book a cleaner to go through the house top to bottom.  Engage a gardener and a pool cleaner.  Or book some reliable person to do some child minding for you a couple of evenings a week so you can regain your social life. 

    Let's consider Two activities most Australians have in common and their effect on our spare time and subsequent levels of happiness. 

    Television.  As a nation where are addicted to the small screen.  In 2014 Australians watched an average of 97 hours of TV per month.

    That's 48.5 days a year spent watching the box.  This doesn't even include the extra time spent on Facebook and the computer.


    According to the Ford motor company, the average Australian spends 58 minutes of the day commuting to work.  For the standard working week that is about 232 hours per year. 

    We could be getting into healthier activities and more productive pursuits that have a greater impact on happiness.

    Best selling author Kate Christie believes that by making investments in getting  effective help in your home and business she can find you an extra 30 hours a month.

    Having the luxury of getting some spare time in your day, might be the best investment you can make to be both healthier and wealthier.

    Written for The Sun Herald by Catherine Robinson financial planner. March 5, 2017


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