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  • Try a loose leash when you're walking your dog.

    22 February at 22:21 from atlas

    Try this when socialising your dog in the local park.

    When you and your dog encounter another dog first ask the other owner if their dog is friendly.  If so keep going with introduction of the two dogs.

    Next try going from a tight to a loose leash when you're near the other dog.

    Keep your cool when you're walking your dog and your dog will be relaxed too.

    I'm sure you know it's good to avoid yelling and high-pitched voices at this point as it only creates tension in the dogs.

    When your dogs are being introduced they're sensitive to the slightest movement and any noise so stay calm and relaxed.

    Make sure you keep moving along with your dog after they have greeted each other for the first few sniffs.

    If you notice any tension in your dog at this point say "good dog" and throw the ball to distract him or her. Give your dog some space to run around, play and relax.

    If you stand over your dog at this point he or she may feel stressed and crowded out. 

    Enjoy the dog walks. 


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