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    8 September at 18:33 from atlas

    Walk in the local dog park could be welcome break from your dog's regular routine.  Or it could be a disaster waiting to happen. 

    It's not a good idea to take the dog to the dog park instead of having a 30 minute dog walk for her regular exercise.  Your dog should arrive in the dog park calm and ready to socialise and not just for exercise. 

    When you put a pack of dogs that are unfamiliar to each other together, you run the risk of conflict.  The power of the pack is strong, and sometimes it takes weeks for dogs to get used to one another.  Do you honestly know that every dog coming to the park is going to get on with your dog.  Probably not!

    The routine usually goes like this.  You say " hey Rover. We're going to the dog park."  She gets very excited and starts jumping around in the car.  You think that's good she is very excited and happy.  However she's just showing frustrated energy and wants to let off steam!  Its often when a dog is excited and frustrated, showing dominant energy that the other dogs in the park sense this and sometimes react.  Resulting in conflict and a disastrous outing for both your dog and you!

    Some owners will pick up on the fact that your dog is unstable and we'll avoid coming to the park when you're there.  Your dog will pick up on this in the park becomes a negative environment.  

    As you have probably already guessed my suggestion is to walk the dog first to burn off excess energy, before going to the dog park feeling nice and relaxed.


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