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  • Why should I take the time to walk my dog?

    30 April at 14:33 from atlas

    Dog walking can give both you and you're dog a number of benefits. 

    Improved cardiovascular fitness, stronger muscles and reduces stress levels.

    Most dogs would like to be walked at least once per day.  A walk will brighten your dog's day. So why not go out for a walk with your pooch? If you have a very active dog then they will need more than one good long walk per day.  As you would expect you need to take their age and general fitness into consideration when deciding how many walks and how long for each walk.

    Weight control and better digestion.

    Obesity in pets is associated with a number of medical problems including osteoarthritis and cardiovascular disease.  As well as adjusting your dog's diet to his needs, regular walks will keep him fit and agile it will also help to relieve occasional constipation. 

    No more destructive behaviour and hyperactivity.

    Pets can be like young children they have lots of energy so if you don't give them something constructive to do they might start chewing at the furniture or scratching at something in order to remain entertained. A walk in the park can help to alleviate the extra energy your pet may have while calming it down and reducing hyperactivity. Your pet will feel more relaxed and sleepy rather than restless at bedtime.

    More doggy friends. If you have a shy or nervous pet, a walk around your neighbourhood can help him build up his confidence. By exposing your pet to other humans and animals he will have the opportunity to adopt better behaviour.  

    Strength your bond with your dog.  Spending time with your dog is very important.  It will foster a strong and trusting relationship between you two, and facilitate positive behavioural development.  Besides it's a pleasurable experience taking your beautiful dog to the park or around the block.  


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